About Us


About Us

Design for IMPACT focuses on social design, innovation and systemic change. Annet Bruil, sole proprietor, collaborates with other independent design & innovation experts which allows tackling complex systemic challenges.


Annet Bruil - Social designer - Design for IMpact

Annet designs products & services that create positive impact on individuals and communities to become healthier, safer, stronger, better. 
Her focus lies on defining ‘the right design’ during the fuzzy font end. When it is known what to design, her focus shifts to ‘design it right’ to create a rich user experience. 
She has designed for caregivers, at risk youth, coffee lovers and Indian mums. Lived in Netherlands, Singapore and one 1 summer in Hungary. Explored markets in Australia and India. Won basketball ánd design trophies. And, last but not least; she strongly believes that design has the power to shape behaviour and that as a designer you have to use it for doing good. 

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Design for IMPACT works with:


Marlies Bielderman - research and innovation consultant

Marlies is a people-centred innovation consultant. She starts her projects from the lived experience and needs of people in relation to their environment. Now and in the future. She does this in the public domain, health and well-being. Improving the human experience is central in her work, enabling transitions and involving stakeholders are key to her projects.

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Liesbeth Scholten - Innovation, Insight, Co-creation - FreeUp

Liesbeth’s vast experience is second only to the deep empathy and human simplicity that she establishes in live settings. Liesbeth is expert in people-centred innovation and meaning-making; she is visualising and articulating the subtle nuances that differentiate mere knowledge from true insight. As facilitator she unlocks the creative potential in groups and partnerships, reaching impactfull results.

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